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Stacey Steinmetz

Stacey Steinmetz started her career as Magic Hat Brewing Company’s first employee. During 15 years with Magic Hat, Steinmetz’ role grew from brewery Sales Rep to Director of Marketing. Steinmetz grew brand visibility, events, and programming from a start up brewery into the 9th largest craft brewery in the country. In addition, Steinmetz developed and ran the now infamous annual Magic Hat Mardi Gras Parade. Steinmetz’ flare for the artistic and eye for detail found her co-producing the 1997 feature film “Nosey Parker” with Vermont Filmmaker John O’Brien. In 2011 Steinmetz and Alan Newman co-founded Alchemy and Science (A&S): a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boston Beer Company on a mission to find white space in the craft beer industry, resulting in 3 new national beer brands and three regional brands in the span of five years. As the Director of A&S Brands, Steinmetz focused on creating a high performing, results oriented marketing team responsible for all marketing endeavors including: packaging; trademark and trade law legalities; sales tools; programming; communications, and; partnerships.

Alan Newman

A serial entrepreneur, Alan Newman’s success began with his partnership in Gardner Supply Company, in the early 80s. Newman went on to found Seventh Generation (1988) and co-found Magic Hat Brewing Company, a pioneer in the craft beer movement (1993). In 2011, Newman wrote a book about his experiences: High on Business: The Life, Times, and Lessons of a Serial Entrepreneur. After 15 years with Magic Hat, Newman moved forward, forming Alchemy & Science (A&S) with Stacey Steinmetz. As President of A&S, Newman forged the creation and development of six beer brands in five years: Newman was instrumental in crafting unique branded experiences and products at each of the projects. In 2017, became the Chair of the Board for Flourish Farm, Vermont’s first cricket farm and is a part owner in Higher Ground, a music venue.

Steve Hood

Steve Hood began his legendary Burlington, Vermont run as the General Manager of Seventh Generation starting in the late 80s and from there became the Operations Director/Plant Manager for the Autumn Harp All Natural Skin Care Products, where Hood oversaw FDA and USDA regulated manufacturing for worldwide distribution. In 1997, Hood joined Magic Hat Brewing Company, where he oversaw the aggressive growth from a small start up brewery to three breweries with $85 million in annual revenues through: planning; production; logistics; distribution. In 2012, Hood joined Alchemy & Science as General Manager including: start up and general business; capacity; capital planning; execution and operations performance for three regional breweries with retail operations; logistics, production and distribution for three national brands, and; combined revenues from $0- $65MM in 5 years. Steve also sourced, negotiated, and managed contract production for Magic Hat (F.X.Matts,) A & S Brewing (Shmaltz Brewing Co.,) and Boylan’s Soda (three  regional contracts.)